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Vallox Oy uses the VTT product certificate to prove the functioning of their products under real conditions

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Eurofins Expert Services

21 April 2017

​Vallox Oy designs and manufactures distributed ventilation products for the needs of buildings of different sizes. The VTT product certificates on ventilation machines for residential units were revamped in 2016. "The EU-wide energy labelling of ventilation products and the related requirements were added to the certificate, which I consider to be a good addition", says Petri Koivunen, Product Design Manager at Vallox. 

Reliable information for partners and customers

Development of the revamped MyVallox product family was started as early as in 2013, and the regulatory reforms were constantly kept in mind. The greatest changes were made to the software and sensors of the products. Operation in cold conditions requires appropriate frost prevention. In particular, ensuring sufficient intake air in cold conditions requires new solutions for the products. The airtightness of modern buildings requires intake and exhaust air management also in cold conditions and during melting cycles. Vallox wishes to remain at the forefront of development with its products.

Vallox has applied for a VTT certificate for its ventilation machines, because it wants to prove the functionality of its products in accordance with the certification criteria. "In this way, we can ensure that our products function in the field and can also provide reliable information on our products to our partners",  Petri Koivunen explains. "In my opinion, a product certificate is the only way to compare products from different manufacturers." 

The testing cooperation with VTT has already lasted for over 40 years. "As a rule, the product development measures are performed in Vallox's own laboratory, where we aim to verify the product's functioning in accordance with the certification criteria. The certification measurements of the finished product are always performed at VTT Expert Services", Koivunen describes.

The VTT product certificate is a good marketing aid

The VTT product certificates are naturally displayed on the Vallox website, and its marketing makes it clear that the products are certified by VTT Expert Services. Vallox wishes building control authorities to a greater extent.to begin demanding product certification for ventilation products .

The VTT certificate also attracts positive attention abroad: "We have also sent the new certificate to the Danish market surveillance authority after they requested measurement documents for one of our products. The market surveillance authority was very satisfied after receiving the VTT certificate", Koivunen says.

The certificates are published on the VTTcertificate website

Certificates and approvals granted by VTT Expert Services Ltd are published in the www.vttcerti​fica​te.com ​search engine. 

Find all VTT product certificates granted to Vallox here.​


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