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Conformity of Machines and CE Marking

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In the European community area machines have to fulfil the requirements of the machinery directive. The requirements cover the design, manufacturing and inspection of a machine as well placing the machine on the market. The manufacturer of the machine has to ensure that machine fulfils the essential health and safety requirements concerning this machine when placing the machine on the market.

The requirements concern also to the importer or the first user of a machine, if the machine has not, for some reason or another, attained the conformity by the manufacturer. CE marking that is affixed to the machine by the manufacturer is an indication of the conformity. Machine that is compliance with the requirements and has CE marking can be moved, sold and assigned to use free in the whole European community.

Our services

Eurofins Expert Services offers services and support relating to the conformity of machinery, including for example

  • Application of safety requirements
  • Determination of limits of machinery
  • Survey of hazards relating to a machine and risk assessment
  • Definition of safety measures
  • Application of machinery safety standards
  • Assessment of the content of technical file necessary for the EC Declaration of conformity and CE marking
  • Assessment of user instructions
  • Assessment of safety and compliance of machines
  • Risk analysis (e.g. HAZOP, FMEA, FMEDA, FTA) for machines and their control systems
  • Definition, estimation and calculation of SIL and PL relating to electrical and electronic control systems and safety functions
  • Functional safety assessment
  • Training tailored to the needs of products and enterprises
  • Machine safety relating to machines already in use

Eurofins Expert Services offers Notified Body services relating to e.g.

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