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Environmental Technology Verification ETV

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The performance of a new and innovative environmental technology is reliably shown with the new Environmental Technology Verification scheme (ETV). The procedure has been developed for technologies and services that are innovative but less harmful from the point of view of the environment as the technologies in use generally.

Claims about the performance of innovative environmental technologies can be verified by qualified third parties. The statement delivered at the end of the ETV process can be used as evidence that the claims made about the innovation are both credible and scientifically sound.

The ETV scheme is currently covering the following three technology areas

  1. Water treatment and monitoring

  2. Materials, waste and resources

  3. Energy technologies

Eurofins Expert Services is an ETV Verification Body in Finland and accredited by FINAS. Read more about accreditation​.


ETV speeds up getting to the international market "Verified once – accepted everywhere"

With proof of performance credibly assured, innovations can expect an easier market access and/or a larger market share and the technological risk is reduced for technology purchasers.

The ETV Scheme is recognised in all the member states of the EU and it is compatible with several national verification procedures globally.

A new international standard on ETV is currently drafted by International Standards Organisation ISO.

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