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IECEx Certification

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IECEx is an international certification system that covers the manufacturing and repairing of electronical devices that are designed for explosive atmospheres.

IECEx certification is internationally approved method and it can indicate that the equipment and the production process are following the Ex- standards published by IEC TC 31.

The system covers already over 33 countries that either accept the IECEx certificates as they are or accept the test reports (EXTR) and quality reports (QAR) of IECEx as bases of the national certificates.

Eurofins Expert Services Ltd as a certifying body

Eurofins Expert Services (previously known as VTT Expert Services) is one of the 55 currently accepted institutes for IECEx testing and certifying of Ex- electronical devices.

The granted certificates can be viewed and printed from http://www.iecex.com. The same webpage offers also information about IECEx certification system.

The basic principle of IECEx

  • One set of standards
  • One testing
  • One certificate throughout the world

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