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EMI Shielding

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​We perform measurements, carry out investigations and provide advice in various matters related to EMI shielding.

Shielding effectiveness measurements of shielded rooms (Faraday cages)

We will help you find any deficiencies in the shielding and, if necessary, give advice on how to improve the shielding.

EMP testing of electronics and feedthrough filters and components

  • Pulsed current injection testing of feedthrough EMI/EMP filters and EMP/surge protection components
  • Threat level (nuclear) EMP-susceptibility testing of electronic equipment in a parallel plate EMP-simulator

RF attenuation measurements and interference level measurements in buildings

We measure the radio frequency attenuation of buildings and provide expert assistance for increasing the attenuation, when the objective is to utilise the inherent attenuation of a building for electromagnetic shielding purposes. Or we can help to find out ways to reduce the attenuation (e.g. at mobile communications frequencies).

The disturbance field strengths can be measured inside buildings in order to find a "quiet" place e.g. for interference-sensitive measuring equipment. We have experience in measuring field strengths of electromagnetic interference from the mains frequency (50 Hz) up to microwave frequencies. We have also performed interference level measurements on (for example sensor) cables.

Shielding attenuation measurements of protective materials

The RF attenuation of various plate and film materials can be measured using, for example, coaxial measurement setups.