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Energy Efficiency of Buildings

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Energy efficient building has a good indoor climate, well operating building systems and a small energy bill. Our services are based on a long-term experience in improving and ensuring the energy efficiency and functionality of buildings.

Towards nearly zero-energy buildings

In the upcoming years the tightening energy regulations will draw more attention to well-designed and carefully executed construction work. We help you to ensure that your building meets the requirements and that you take advantage using the current best practices. We provide assistance with an all-around knowledge on energy efficient buildings with focus on important details.

In construction managing the entity and reaching the desired goal require a good knowledge in structural and building systems and making smart choices on how to ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. As the markets demand more, the trendsetters of energy efficiency will gain competitive advantage.

An independent expert to prove your work

When presenting your product or system to a customer or public authority a third party opinion independent from planning and contracting is a good way to make your statement credible and trustworthy. For the designer of an energy efficient building we offer expert evaluations of building systems and thermal circumstances as well as experimental and computational assessment for guidance in the planning process.

Cost-efficiency with wall exhaust air system

Wall exhaust air systems are getting more common in buildings. In such system the multi-storey building's exhaust air is discharged outdoors via multiple exhaust air vents mounted in the outer wall of the building. This solution gives more freedom and new options on HVAC-systems design.

Using of the wall exhaust air system requires special statements on the design to ensure that any harmful effects do not occur. We provide statements for wall exhaust systems based on flow simulation using powerful computational fluid dynamics tools.

Take control over air and heat leaks

Measurement of air tightness and thermal imaging are necessary quality assurance tools for the constructor of an energy efficient building. We have strong expertise in determining air tightness and thermal leaks of large buildings. Our certified experts are ready to serve you and help you to take advantage on these essential methods.

Beliefs might not tell the truth

The actualization of energy efficiency of a building is often left without a proof even though it is an important part of the development process. We have a long experience in carrying out follow up measurements for the energy efficiency of a building. In addition to how much energy is consumed we also determine where and why. We ensure the functionality of the heating and air conditioning systems with laboratory or field testing and measurements.

Point out the faults

If you have problems with HVAC-systems we are happy to help. We find out the reasons behind the problems and point out the faults even in large scale systems. We have strong experience in tracking the functionality of buildings and HVAC-systems.

Proven to be good

Energy efficient solutions are utilized in the product development and showing the performance level of the products and systems for example as part of product certification process. The earlier the energy efficiency aspect is taken into account in the building and repairing process, the better the influencing possibilities to energy consumption and finding cost-efficient solutions will be. We can also indicate the energy consumption, heating and cooling system functionality and indoor temperature control of buildings with the calculation and simulation models.

Examples of offered services

  • Checking the energy efficiency and regulatory compliance of buildings
  • Making sure the that quality of indoor climate is good when improving energy efficiency
  • Confirming the thermal and moisture functionality in energy efficient buildings
  • Tracking and calculating the energy consumption of the buildings and building systems
  • Energy certificates and auditioning
  • Measuring the air tightness and locating the air leakages in building envelope
  • Functionality measurements and checks of HVAC-systems
  • Inspection of the thermal comfort and indoor air conditions
  • Testing and certification of the features of building systems and devices
  • Educational services for energy efficiency and indoor climate in building