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Testing of Transportation Packages

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​A product is subjected to climatic and mechanical stresses during transport and storage. The effects of environmental conditions on the packaged product can be evaluated by means of various thermal, humidity and corrosion tests, and vibration and shock tests.

Our long experience and versatile testing facilities offer solutions for different transport conditions and the packaging design of the product. Our testing laboratory is accredited for the testing of products, and its scope of accreditation includes a comprehensive selection of testing methods compliant with the different standards.

Expert services of testing

We provide assistance to our clients at the product development stage; together, we will determine what kind of stresses the product will be subjected during its life cycle

  • Determination of environmental condition stresses for different transport conditions
  • Determination of testing requirements
  • Design of testing programs

Climate testing of packages

During transport and storage, the packaged product is exposed to various climate conditions, and the effects of environmental conditions on the product and the protective properties of the package can be evaluated using thermal, temperature variation and humidity tests, and water tests.

During the tests, we monitor, for example, the changes in temperature and relative humidity inside the package. Based on the measurement results obtained, we evaluate the protective properties of the package.

Vibration and shock testing of packages

During transport, the product is usually subjected to the greatest mechanical stresses; this means that the design of the transport package must take into consideration any shocks caused by dropping and vibrations transferred from the transport platforms.

We use testing equipment to simulate the mechanical stresses caused by different transport vehicles, while measuring the damp properties of the package and the accelerations to which the product is subjected.

Testing of transport packages with shaker

Testing of water tightness of transport packages

Testing of the durability of transport packages with drop test