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Water Testing of Electronics

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​When the water protection properties of enclosures are evaluated and a suitable testing method is selected, the operating conditions and any requirements related to electrical safety must be taken into consideration.

Different water testing methods have been standardised in the IP class requirements in accordance with the EN 60529 standard, NEMA 250, and the UL 50 requirements. Related to the Automotive EMC Directive, a separate water testing method has been developed for emergency and flashing lights. In accordance with the EN 60529 standard, the second number in the code (IPx1-x9) indicates the enclosure's class of protection against harmful ingress.

Class Protective property

  • IPX1 Protection against vertically falling water drops
  • IPX2 Protection against falling water drops, enclosure tilted +/- 15° from vertical
  • IPX3 Protection against spraying water
  • IPX4 Protection against splashing water
  • IPX5 Protection against water jet
  • IPX6 Protection against powerful water jet
  • IPX7 Protection against temporary immersion
  • IPX8 Protection against continuous immersion
  • IPX9 Protection against pressurised hot water

In the NEMA 250 standard, a powerful water jet has been defined for Type 4 and Type 4x enclosures, where a water het is targeted at the device enclosure with a flow rate of 170 l/min - 250 l/min.

In the UL 50 standard, the water testing method for Type 12 and Type 12 K devices enclosure is very fine water mist; this test can also be used to evaluate the dust protection properties of the enclosure.

Testing of water durability of transport packages

Transport packages may be exposed to rain during loading and unloading relocations and short-term temporary outdoor storage. The product is then in danger of getting possibly exposed to water, unless the proactive properties of the package have been properly designed.

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