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Fire testing with SBI (Single Burning Item) EN 13823

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We determine the reaction to fire properties and fire class of construction products. As our customer you can benefit from our services during the product development and we help you to plan the testing arrangements for determining the fire class of your product.

Fire testing with SBI (Single burning Item) EN 13823

The test specimens, short wing 495 mm × 1500 mm and long wing 1000 mm × 1500 mm, are fixed cornerwise in the specimen holder of the test apparatus.

The test specimens shall be mounted as in their end-use application because mounting and fixing of the test specimen may have an effect on the test results and influence on the field of application of test results and validity of classification. Some facts that shall be taken into account when planning the test specimens are: substrate, fixings, joints, edges, air gaps, product direction and geometry.

A propane gas burner with a thermal output of 30 kW is placed at the bottom of the corner. The test specimen and the burner are located under a hood in an enclosure.

During the test, heat release (FIGRA, THR600s) and smoke production (SMOGRA, TSP600s) are measured. Lateral flame spread (LFS) and the formation of burning droplets/particles are observed visually.

The test method is used for classification of construction products, except flooring materials, to Euroclasses A1, A2, B, C and D as well as A2L, BL, CL and DL. The classification is not only based on the SBI-results. Different test methods and classification criteria are presented in the classification standard EN 13501-1+A1.

Fire classification for construction products

Fire classification for construction products is made according to classification standard EN 13501-1+A1. Classification for roof coverings is made according to EN 13501-5+A1. The test methods for classification and classification criteria are presented in the classification standards.

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Fire safety regulations in Finland

Regulations and guidelines concerning fire safety of buildings are shown in E1 the National Building Code of Finland, degree of the Ministry of the Environment on fire safety of buildings.

E1 the National Building Code of Finland (in Finnish)