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Ignitability with small single flame EN ISO 11925-2

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​We determine the reaction to fire properties and fire class of construction products. As our customer your can benefit from our services during the product development and we help you to plan the testing arrangements for determining the fire class of your product.

The test method measures the ignitability of products with small single flame
The test specimen is fixed vertically in the frame. The flame is applied for 15 or 30 s on the edge and /or bottom of the specimen.

Ignition of test specimen is recorded and whether the flame tip reaches 150mm above the flame application point and the time at which this occurs. Formation of burning droplets is observed with ignition of the filter paper beneath the test specimen.

The method is used for classifying the fire classes of building products in classes B, C, D, E, Bfl, Cfl, Dfl, Efl, BL, CL1, DL and EL.

In the class E standard EN ISO 11925-2 is the only test method, but in the other classes the classification is not only based on the test result of this method. Different test methods and classification criteria are presented in the classification standard EN 13501-1+A1.

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Fire safety regulations in Finland

Regulations and guidelines concerning fire safety of buildings are shown in E1 the National Building Code of Finland, degree of the Ministry of the Environment on fire safety of buildings.

E1 the National Building Code of Finland (in Finnish)