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Measurements of Agricultural Tractor Performance Values

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Eurofins Expert Services Oy measures tractor performance values for farmers, and professional magazines, manufacturers, and importers within the field.

Measurements are made on both new and used tractors. The measuring methodology is applied either according to standards or it is tailored according to customer needs.

OECD testing

Eurofins Expert Services Oy is an official OECD-designated tractor testing authority. We are capable of measuring the key performance values of tractors:

  • Power take-off output,
  • Fuel consumption,
  • Brakes,
  • Noise,
  • Cab strength etc.

OECD test results are mainly used in the export of tractors. Since the introduction of the Tractor Directive, their meaning in Europe has diminished. The OECD testing provides the users with impartial and comparable information about tractor performance values.

The test methods have been specified in the OECD Tractor Codes. See also the tractor test results.