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Tilting Tests of Work Machines and Vehicles

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We perform tilting tests using a 5 x 8 meter tilting platform that can tilt work machines and vehicles that weigh up to some 60 tonnes to an angle exceeding 40 degrees.

Empirical results from the tilting platform are necessary in order to

  • Verify that the product's properties meet the objectives.
  • Verify the functionality of the modelling and calculation software used in the product's design, and their correspondence with the performance values of the actual tilted machine.
  • Verify that the product meets the stability requirements of the applicable standard or legislation, such as the Machinery Directive.
  • Be able to determine the product's permitted and safe operating inclinations based on the measurement results.
  • Verify that the performance values required by the product's user are achieved.

Examples of inspected machines

  • Vehicles moving on and off the road, such as fire engines.
  • Vehicles, where a machine or work equipment installed on top of the vehicle has a critical effect on whether the vehicle stays upright or not.
  • Mobile work machines in general.
  • Mobile work machines, where the position of work equipment mounted on the chassis has a critical effect on whether the machine stays upright or not.