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On-site laboratories

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On-site laboratories

On-site laboratory is a laboratory located as close to the customer as possible. It serves local clients in analytics with extremely short turnaround times. On-site services are custom made to fulfill the specific needs of a customer.

Our aim in on-site services is a long term relationship and solid co-operation with our customers in order to be able to understand better their needs in analytics and services. We tailor service packages according to each customer’s needs and with close co-operation pursue to improve our know-how within that certain chemical industry sector. 

Current on-site locations & services

At the moment Eurofins has six on-site laboratories within the borders of big industrial parks in Finland. Analytical production in each laboratory is mostly defined by its local clients. Some of the laboratories are accredited according to ISO 17025:2017. Existing laboratories serve mostly chemical industry, forest industry and energy sector.

Eurofins On-Site –business is actively looking for new partners. Whether you are old-timer or new-comer in industrial sector we would be happy to offer you a holistic concept suitable for your everyday analytical needs.

Currently we are providing the following services in our on-site laboratories

  • Process, raw material and product analytics
  • Process and product sampling
  • Maintaining, calibrating and surveilling on-line meters at customer’s locations
  • Storing and maintaining reference sample storage
  • Method development, expert services and special analytics
  • One-stop shop for all analytical services provided by Eurofins group
  • Moisture sampling and moisture certificates for shipping (Trafi certificate)
  • Assisting in purchasing a new equipment and implementing it into use
  • Laboratory Technician rent for vacation periods
  • Air monitoring and emission measurements
  • Environmental sampling
    • Soil, ground water, waste water, natural waters

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