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Drill core and rock samples

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Drill core and rock samples

Eurofins Mineral Testing is the only laboratory in the Nordic Countries that provides locally comprehensive sample preparation and analytical services

Eurofins Mineral Testing offers a wide range of analytical and expert services to support the mining and mineral exploration companies in all stages of the project (regional geochemical mapping, targeted exploration, reserve evaluation, grade control).

The methods used for geochemical exploration require in, many cases a larger element suite with cost-effective price. In a project focusing on precious metals, additional data of other elements such as pathfinders, elements related to rock alteration etc. may also be needed. In resource evaluation the focus is on defining the grades of commodity elements, so the requirements for precision and accuracy are more demanding. These  ore grade analyses are conducted by using more specific assay methods optimized for specific elements and grades.

Sample preparation and analyses for drill-core and rock samples

  • Drying, Crushing and Pulverising
    • In all pulverising methods which are used at Eurofins, cleaning of the pulverising bowl by milling of quartzite cleaner between every sample can be included.
  • Fire Assay method for determining gold, platinum and palladium
  • Different digestion methods
    • Aqua Regia digestion
    • Multi-acid digestion
    • Fluxes
  • Analysis using ICPOES- and ICPMS technique
    • Base metals
    • Main component analyses
    • Analyses for Gold (Au), Platinum (Pt) and Palladium (Pd) and their companions
    • Trace elements and REE -elements

The experts from Eurofins Mineral Testing will help you to select the best possible analysis methods and services.

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