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Eurofins Expert Services Oy
P.O.Box 47, FI-02151 Espoo, Finland
Visiting address Kivimiehentie 4 Espoo Finland
Tel. +358 40 631 1311 (8.00-17.00)
E-mail addresses: (ä=a ö=o å=a)
​VAT-number FI2297513-2

Customer Service
Tel. +358 40 636 0977 (9.00 – 11.00 and 12.00 – 15.00)

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We were previously known as VTT Expert Services.
Now we are Eurofins Expert Services and part of the Eurofins Group.


Espoo Main office

P.O.Box 47, FI-02151 ESPOO, Finland Goo​gle map
Visiting address: Kivimiehentie 4,  Espoo

Espoo, Kemistintie 3, Google map
Espoo, Tietotie 4E, Google map     

Tampere, Google map​    

Visiting address: Hermiankatu 6-8 H
P.O. Box 345, FI-33101 TAMPERE, Finland

Oulu, Google ​map

Kaitoväylä 1
FI-90590 OULU, Finland

Vihti, Goole map

Vakolantie 55
FI-03400 Vihti Filand