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Testing Services for Roof Waterproofing Materials, Products and Underlays

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​Our services cover testing of bitumen and rubber based roof waterproofings for product development, market approval (CE marking, Product Certificate for Finnish local market) and quality assurance of production. Services cover also roof underlay products and their properties.

Most of the testing methods of Eurofins Expert Services are accredited by national accreditation services (FINAS T001). Additionally Eurofins Expert Services is a notified body for a number of product standards.

We are happy to serve you in all your needs concerning testing, CE marking and product approvals of roof waterproofing and underlay materials and products.

The testing methods

We comply with the requirements of product and testing standards but when needed and possible we can also adapt the testing programs to your needs such as for product development purposes.

We have facilities and competence for the following standards for flexible sheets for waterproofing and bitumen shingles.

  • Determination of visible defects: EN 1850-1
  • Determination of thickness and mass per unit area: EN 1849-1
  • Determination of length, width and straightness: EN 1848-1
  • Determination of tensile properties: EN 12311-1
  • Determination of resistance to tearing (nail shank): EN 12310-1
  • Determination of resistance to impact: EN 12691
  • Determination of peel resistance of joints: EN 12316-1
  • Determination of shear resistance of joints: EN 12317-1
  • Determination of watertightness: EN 1928
  • Determination of adhesion of granules: EN 12039
  • Determination of dimensional stability: EN 1107-1
  • Determination of flow resistance at elevated temperature: EN 1110
  • Determination of flexibility at low temperature: EN 1109
  • Method of artificial ageing by long term exposure to elevated temperature: EN 1296
  • Determination of resistance to static loading: EN 12730
  • Determination of watertightness after stretching at low temperature: EN 13897
  • Determination of shear strength: EN 13653
  • Determination of bond strength: EN 13596
  • Determination of water absorption: EN 14223
  • Bitumen shingles with mineral and/or synthetic reinforcements, all product standard tests: EN 544