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Strength Testing of Machinery Cabs

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We perform strength testing of machinery cabs in our Vakola facilities in Vihti.

Work machinery is governed by the regulations of the EU Machinery Directive. According to the directive, machinery equipped with a driver's cab must be designed in such a way as to protect the driver from falling objects or penetrating objects or in the event the machinery rolls or tips over. Separate requirements concerning safety structures have been issued for agricultural tractors.

The cab strength tests can be performed on the actual safety structure, which is equivalent to a rollover situation of machinery (Rollover Protective Structures, ROPS); on the cab roof, which is equivalent to an object falling on the roof of the tractor (Falling Object Protection System, FOPS); and on the windows, which is equivalent to lateral penetration of objects through the window panel (Operator-Protective-Structure, OPS). A cab that passes the tests set forth by the standards mentioned above is called a safety cab.

Eurofins Expert Services is accredited (T001) Vy FINAS to perform strength tests on machinery cabs in accordance with such standards as ISO 3471-1, ISO 3449, ISO 8082-1 and -2, ISO 8083 and ISO 8084. Read more about our accreditations

Cab strength tests can be performed on machinery up to an unladen weight of 80 000 kg. If necessary, strength tests are performed at a temperature of −18 ºC. ​​