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Burning behaviour of floorings EN ISO 9239-1

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​We determine the reaction to fire properties and fire class of construction products. As our customer you can benefit from our services during the product development and we help you to plan the testing arrangements for determining the fire class of your product.

Burning behaviour of floorings EN ISO 9239-1

Flame spread and smoke production properties are measured with this test method. The test specimen is placed in a horizontal position below a radiant panel. A pilot flame is applied to the hotter end of the test specimen.

After ignition the flame front which develops is noted and a record is made of the spread to defined distances. The smoke development during the test is recorded as the light transmission in the exhaust stack. The test specimen shall be mounted as in their end use application taking account substrate, fixing and joints. Mounting and fixing of flooring in test influence the field of application of the test results and validity of classification.

The method is used in fire classification of floorings in classes A2fl, Bfl, Cfl and Dfl.

The classification is not only based on the results of this method. Different test methods and classification criteria are presented in the classification standard EN 13501-1+A1.

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Regulations and guidelines concerning fire safety of buildings are shown in E1 the National Building Code of Finland, degree of the Ministry of the Environment on fire safety of buildings.

E1 the National Building Code of Finland (in Finnish)