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Ensuring the Conformity of Boats

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The boat manufacturer is responsible for the boat having been designed and built in accordance with the requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive.

​In order to ensure conformity, the manufacturer must

  • Become familiar with the requirements and procedures.
  • Prepare documentation on the boat's design process and building.
  • Draw up calculations of the boat's strength and, for larger boats, also draw up calculations of the boat's stability.
  • Prepare an Owner's Manual.
  • Decide whether to use an external certifying body or perform all inspections, tests and verification calculations themselves and draw up the records.
  • In certification matters, contact a Notified Body.
  • Draw up a Declaration of Conformity.

Our services

Our service support you when you wish to make sure of the conformity of your boat. As an accredited Notified Body (NB No. 0537), Eurofins Expert Services verifies the compliance of boats, boat equipment and production according to the requirements of the EU Recreational Craft Directive.

  • CE certification services for recreational craft
  • Structural safety of boats
  • Measurement and inspection of noise emissions

The Recreational Craft Directive gives the manufacturer options on how to verify conformity

  • Verification of boats with a hull length of less than 12 m fully or partially by the manufacturer.
  • Type examination by a Notified Body (NB).
  • Surveillance of the production quality assurance system by a Notified Body (NB).
  • Approval of the full quality management system by a Notified Body (NB).
  • Unit verification by a Notified Body (NB).
  • Measurement of noise and exhaust emissions by a Notified Body (NB).

You can find instructions on the certification of boats and personal watercraft on RSG's website at www.rsg.be. Traficoms website also has information (in finnish) on the certification of boats.