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Large Fire Test Hall

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Renovated and modern fire test hall for large scale fire testing

Fire testing is carried out in our renovated large fire test hall in Espoo, Finland, which provides an excellent possibility for diverse fire testing in a controlled environment.

Monitoring of fire events happens safely and smokeless from a separate control room using number of technical devices.

Features of our fire test hall

  • Total volume approximately 6 000 m3
  • Height adjustable false ceiling (max. 11.5 m)
  • Data collection system with over 100 channels
  • Water flow up to 1 500 LPM
  • Powerful supply of electricity for large pump units
  • New and efficient flue gas cleaning and fire-water purification systems
  • Modern solutions providing safe working conditions (possibility to work even at 11.5 meters high)

Services in the large fire test hall