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Testing of Air Handling Equipment

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Large spaces and generic research facilities make it possible to carry out measurements according to various standards. The know-how of the experienced staff ensures versatile, quick and advantageous service for the customers.

Noise from air handling equipment can be measured in the reverberation rooms or in ducts. The measured characteristics are flow noise, sound attenuation and sound insulation. In conjunction with the acoustical measurements, other performance characteristics (aerodynamic and thermal) of the equipment can also be measured.

EUROVENT CERTITA CERTIFICATION has approved Eurofins Expert Services (previously known as VTT Expert Services) to carry out testing of residential air handling units according to their certification criteria of Residential Air Handling Unit certification programme.

Accredited methods (Finas T001)

  • ISO 3741. Acoustics. Determination of sound power levels and sound energy levels of noise sources using sound pressure. Precision methods for reverberation test rooms
  • ISO 5167-1 and 2. Measurement of fluid flow by means of orifice plate.
  • ISO 5801. Performance testing using standardized
  • ISO 7235. Laboratory measurement procedures for ducted silencers and air-terminal units. Insertion loss, flow noise and total pressure loss
  • ISO 11691. Measurement of insertion loss of ducted silencers without flow.
  • EN 13141-7 Performance testing of a mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation units
  • ISO 5135 Determination of sound power levels of noise from air-terminal devices, air-terminal units, dampers and valves by measurement in a reverberation room
  • EN 1751 Aerodynamic testing of damper and valves
  • EN 12238 Air terminal devices. Aerodynamic testing and rating for mixed flow application
  • EN 12239 Air terminal devices. Aerodynamic testing and rating for displacement flow applications
    Other testing methods
  • EN 13030 Performance testing of louvres subjected to simulated rain
  • EN 13181 Performance testing of louvres subject to simulated sand

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