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Benefits of Work Boat Inspection

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​Do it right the first time

​Work boats are most commonly one-off vessels. This is extremely challenging for the builder, because the prototype is also the vessel to be handed over to the customer and it must work to the agreed specification. The situation is equally uncertain from the customer's perspective. The customer who ordered the vessel will want the best possible assurance that the vessel works as expected in its future duties; after all, purchasing the vessel involves a significant financial investment. Should the customer decide to purchase the vessel from a new supplier of work boats, or if the customer has no prior experience in the special technical characteristics and manufacturing of work boats, Eurofins Expert Services work boat inspection is particularly useful.

Although the manufacturer bears the ultimate responsibility, a work boat inspection carried out by Eurofins Expert Services may be very beneficial for achieving the desired end result.

Find the up-to-date guidelines online

​In our inspections, we primarily apply the Work Boat Guidelines prepared by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency TraFi. We have been involved in their development, so we are thoroughly familiar with the guidelines. The Work Boat Guidelines for an excellent foundation for the vessel's contract specifications.

You can find the guidelines online free of charge.
Click here to read the Work Boat Guidelines that came into force on 17 March 2016    

Proactive review

​The inspection process reaps the most benefits when stability and load capacity are assessed well in advance of beginning the building process. At that stage, it is still possible to influence the main dimensions and other basic solutions that are difficult to fix later on. Based on our experience and a database of hundreds of built boats, we are able to assess whether the presented performance values are realistic or not. If necessary, we will expand the scope of the contract to include a more detailed design review containing speed predictions or an assessment of more unusual structural solutions, for instance.

Ship Safety Control Act

At the beginning of 2010, a new Ship Safety Control Act came into force in Finland. In the Ship Safety Control Act, the section on work boats refers to the work boat regulation, which in turn is based on the Work Boat Guidelines. The Finnish Transport Safety Agency TraFi's work boat regulation will enter into force during 2016-17, when the inspections of work boats become mostly mandatory in Finland. Work boat inspections were previously mandatory only for oil spill response vessels for which one wishes to receive funding from the Oil Pollution Fund.

The work boat regulation applies to work boats that are 5.5 to 24 metres long, with the exception of the vessels of the Finnish Defence Forces, for instance.

Many work boat inspections have also been carried out on the customer's request in order to ensure that a boat is functional and up to specification. In addition to Finland, the work boats we have inspected are in service in large numbers in the Nordic countries, Germany, the Netherlands and Greenland, for example.

Using Eurofins Expert Services work boat inspection leaves the manufacturer and the customer more time to concentrate on improving the functionality of the vessel, as its structural safety is in good hands.

​Here you can see our services for the designers, manufacturers and users of work boats.

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