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Certification and Product Approval of Building Products

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When you need a certificate or a product approval to demonstrate the characteristics of construction products, we are there to help you. Eurofins Expert Services is an impartial product certification organization, and our services cover nearly every category of building products.

Eurofins Expert Services is a Notified Body for Construction Products Regylation (0809). Our certification services have been mostly accredited by the national accreditation body FINAS (S017). We are also product and type approval organization.

Certifications and product approvals for construction products

  1. The construction product falls under the scope of CE-marking when the product is complied with harmonised European Standard (hEN).

  2. A construction product, which has no harmonised product standard, can be CE-marked based on ETA (European Technical Assessment).

  3. National approval or voluntary certificate are options, when the product does not enter CE-marking or the manufacturer does not want to apply for ETA.

Certifications and product approvals issued by Eurofins Expert Services (previously known as VTT Expert Services) are listed at

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