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Testing of Chimneys, Components and Accessories

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Eurofins Expert Services performs fire testing according to the product standards for chimneys, chimney components and accessories. We also perform special tests to verify the fire safety when the chimney is installed in a passive type house with thick insulation and need weather proofing.

Selection of services for chimneys

Testing according to product standard EN 1856-1 and test method EN 1859 for metal chimneys.
Chimneys with ceramic inner liner according to standard EN 13063-1, EN 13063-2 and test method EN 13216-1
Testing according to product standard EN 1856-2 and test method EN 1859 for metal chimney inner liners and connecting flue pipes.

Selection of services for chimney components

  • Testing according to product standard EN 1858 and 12446 for concrete outer wall elements
  • Testing according to product standard EN 1857 for inner liners.

Selection of services for chimney accessories

The Chimney accessory test standards (EN 16475 series) are mainly still under development. We are able to perform testing according to the prEN standard versions to find out the suitability of you products to the forthcoming standards.

The component standard series includes

Part 1: Silencers

Part 2: Chimney fans

Part 3: Draught regulators, standstill opening devices and combined secondary air devices (this part)

Part 4: Flue dampers

Part 5: Explosion/implosion relief devices

Part 6: Access components

Part 7: Rain caps

Special testing for chimneys or related products

We offer a vast number of special tests. Please ask also for statements.

  • Testing according to all other chimney standards (not mentioned above)
  • Testing of on-site built chimneys
  • Testing of brick chimneys
  • Special tests on thick intermediate floor thicknesses
  • Special tests for walls penetrations
  • Special tests for weather proofing elements
  • Special tests for materials and equipment used to seal the chimney
  • Testing of chimney related other products like heat exchangers

Requirements for chimneys in Finland

The chimneys shall be CE marked in Finland, except on site built chimneys with reference to Finnish building regulations part E3. National standards SFS 7010 to SFS 7015 defines the performance levels required related to the relevant product standard. There are national guidelines for installation and assessment of chimneys. Please ask for more information.

Eurofins Expert Services is a test laboratory accredited according to SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 (T001) by FINAS. Read more about our accreditations