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Plastic Pipes and Suitability for Transport of Drinking Water

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​The suitability of the plastic pipes for transport of drinking water is tested by standard test methods. The test consists of the evaluation of the plastic raw materials, chemical tests and sensory evaluation. It is possible to test also the suitability of the plastic pipe for transport of warm water in addition to normal test of cold drinking water.

The most common tests are the analysis amount of migrated organic compounds expressed as total organic carbon (TOC), the sensory evaluation of the test waters for the possible defect taste/ odour and specific analyses depending of the plastic pipe raw material (eg. inorganic compounds, vinyl chloride monomer and some epoxy derived products).

The test is part of the type approval and external quality control testing required by the quality control system of the building products. Suitability evaluation by chemical and sensory testing will be also part of the requirements of the CE-marking of drinking water pipes.

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