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Work Boat Inspections

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We carry out work boat inspections for official approval purposes or in the voluntary sector.

The experience of our inspectors, amassed from working on hundreds of boats, ensures that the work boat conforms to the requirements and is up to specification. We use modern and powerful tools, such as the NAPA software for ship technology calculations and the ESA-Comp software for reinforced plastic calculations. We have also developed our own inspection tools.

We are also involved in the development of work boat guidelines and boat standards.

Based on our inspection report, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency TraFi (formerly the Finnish Maritime Administration) grants a work boat approval in accordance with the agreement between Eurofins Expert Services and TraFi.

Eurofins Exper​t Services is an impartial testing and certification organisation that both the manufacturers and users of work boats trust.

Our Services

  • Vessel-specific inspections
  • Inspections of serially manufactured work boats
  • Special inspections, for example in relation to the SOLAS Fast Rescue Boat regulations.
  • Stability reports
  • Structural evaluations
  • We also utilise
  • Material testing of reinforced plastic
  • Know-how in structural analysis
  • Know-how in metallurgy
  • Reaction-to-fire tests

Work Boat Guidelines

Guidelines for Commercial Craft, version 2016.2

Click here to read the Work Boat Guidelines 2016.2 in Finnish

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