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Certification Plate for a Boat

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Boat buyers should ascertain whether the product meets the requirements of its planned use before making a purchase decision. The boat's design category indicates the operating conditions for which the boat has been designed.

The builder's plate and Owner's Manual specify the design category.

The buyer should check

  • That the boat has the CE marking. If the boat has the Eurofins plate, it also lets the buyer know that the boat model and possibly its production has been inspected by an impartial expert.
  • That an Owner's Manual and a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) are delivered with the boat.

​The buyer should also

Read the Owner's Manual thoroughly, use the boat according to the instructions, and take the restrictions specified on the builder's plate into consideration .
Ensure that you have adequate safety equipment on board, such as life jackets, a hand-bailer, oars or a paddle, etc.

With certain conditions, the use of Eurofins certification plate is granted to boat manufacturers who have type certified their boat model at Eurofins Expert Services' Notified Body.

The certification plate also functions as a builder's plate, giving important information to the user of the boat, such as the maximum number of persons the boat is designed to carry, the maximum recommended load, the maximum rated engine power, the maximum outboard engine weight, as well as the design category of the boat. The plate may also state the maximum load and number of persons for two loading types or design categories.