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Testing Services for Windows and Doors

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​Windows and doors are subject several kinds of loads and requirements. The manufacturer needs to know the properties of the products for marketing and for local authorities. The manufacturer also needs to maintain the quality of the production.

Eurofins Expert Services determines product properties of windows and doors by using experimental testing and calculational methods. The results are typically used for product development, product approval, product certification, and quality assurance of the production. Our testing facilities cover tests for windows and doors (EN 14351), industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates (EN 13241), and individual rooflights of plastics (EN 1873).

CE marking has been obligatory for doors and windows (without fire properties) from summer 2012 on. In practice CE marking and the market require that properties related to thermal transmission and resistance to weather conditions are determined. Also sound insulation is required in many cases.

Most of the testing methods of Eurofins Expert Services are accredited by national accreditation services (FINAS T001). Additionally, Eurofins Expert Services is a notified body for a number of product standards.

We are happy to serve you in all your needs concerning testing, CE-marking, product approvals and factory quality control of doors and windows. Read more about our services related to CE marking of building products

The testing methods

We comply with the requirements of product and testing standards but when needed and possible we can also adapt the testing programs to your needs such as for product development purposes.

  • Air permeability, testing EN 1026 , classification EN12207
  • Water tightness, testing EN 1027, classification EN 12208
  • Resistance to wind load, testing EN 12211, classification EN 12208
  • Determination of thermal transmittance by the hot-box method, EN ISO 12567-1
  • Calculation of thermal transmittance, EN 10077-1 and EN 10077-2
  • Glass in building. Determination of thermal transmittance (U value). EN 673
  • Air borne sound insulation EN ISO 10140-2 and EN ISO 717-1
  • Hinged or pivoted doors. Determination of the resistance to vertical load, EN 947
  • Hinged or pivoted doors. Determination of the resistance to static torsion: EN 948
  • Determination of the resistance to soft and heavy body impact for doors EN 949
  • Door leaves. Determination of the resistance to hard body impact: EN 950
  • Doors. Behaviour between two different climates EN 1121
  • Door leaves. Method for measurement of height, width, thickness and squareness EN 951
  • Door leaves. General and local flatness: EN 952
  • Pedestrian doorsets, windows, curtain walling, grilles and shutters. Burglar resistance: EN 1627
  • Burglar resistance. Test method for the determination of resistance under dynamic loading: EN 1629