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Work Boat Guidelines

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​Work boats have been inspected in accordance with the Nordic Boat Standard (NBS-Y) since 1982. The inspection has often been voluntary, but in some cases it has been statutory, for example as a condition for compensation from the Oil Pollution Fund. The development of NBS was discontinued in the early 1990s.

To replace it, the then Finnish Maritime Administration (currently TraFi) developed the Work Boat Guidelines based on the NBS and new ISO standards that had been developed primarily work the needs of the Recreational Craft Directive.

The Work Boat Guidelines offer a modern approach for the safety assessment of work boats 5.5 to 24 metres in length. The Work Boat Guidelines have been used as the primary tool in work boat inspections since 2009.

The Work Boat Guidelines have been thoroughly revised, and the latest version was published in March 2016.

New Work Boat Guidelines came into force on first of December 2016

Click here to read the revised Work Boat Guidelines (in Finnish)

Guidelines for Commercial Craft, version 2016.2

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