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Boat Damage Surveys

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Eurofins Expert Services carries out demanding damage surveys on boats and their structures, materials and components.

The surveys can be related to determining the cause-and-effect relationships of the damage, accident investigations, repair suggestions and decision-making in various cases of complaint, product development or malfunction.

Damage surveys comprise various analyses

  • Object thickness measurements and a visual and NDT examination
  • Determination of the composition of material samples; with reinforced plastics, often the determination of the hardening degree and reinforcement content; with metals, determination of the microstructure and hardness
  • Investigation of the plane of fracture
  • Chemical analyses of impurities and corrosion products
  • Mechanical testing of the strength properties of the sample piece
  • Stress tests (UV, salt mist, moisture, heat)

​The results of the analyses are compared with reference values that are, for example, design values or defined in a standard.