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Testing Services for Building Glass Products and Glass Structures

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Safety in use of building glass is an important property in facades, balcony glazing, ceilings and handrail structures. Strength and thermal properties become important in many glass structures.

Major part of the test methods of Eurofins Expert Services is accredited by the Finnish Accreditation Service (FINAS T001). Eurofins Expert Services is also a Notified Body for a number of product standards.

These competences are available for you in CE-marking, product approval, certification and factory quality control. We are a part of European network for testing and approvals.

Our key areas of services are

  • Initial type testing of building glass and glass structures for CE-marking, Certification and Product Approvals
  • Testing and inspections for Factory Production Control (FPC)
  • Testing for CE-marking of building glass and building glass structures

Eurofins Expert Services is a Notified Certification Body (NB 0809) of building glass products and building glass structures and a Notified Testing Laboratory, typically performing initial type tests for CE marking of the products. There are also services for voluntary factory production control schemes to verify the quality of products and production.

Verification of usability of balcony and handrail glass structures bases on ETA approach (European Technical Assessment) leading to CE marking. ETA approach is possible to the products not covered by harmonized EN standards.

Building glass and building glass structures

  • Building glass, EN 12150-1 and -2, EN 1863-1and -2, EN 14449
  • Glass facades EN 13830 and glass roofs
  • Balcony glazing systems ETA approach, (EAD)
  • Handrail glazing systems ETA approach, (EAD)
  • Doors and windows EN 14351
  • Safety glass and glass systems
  • Vehicle glass products

Essential characteristics of glass structures

  • Mechanical strength and durability (loads, thermal expansion, fixings)
  • Personal safety
  • Resistance to weather
  • Sound insulation
  • Thermal transmittance
  • Fire resistance

Typical tests for building glass and glass structures

Insulating glass unit, type tests and factory production control tests, EN 1279

  • EN 1279-1 Dimensions and tolerances
  • EN 1279-2 Long term test method and requirements for moisture penetration
  • EN 1279-3 Long term test method and requirements for gas leakage rate and for gas concentration tolerances
  • EN 1279-4 Methods of test for the physical attributes of edge seals (gas leakage)

Building glass and security glazing

  • Safety in use, Pendulum test. Impact test method and classification for flat glass EN 12600
  • Determination of the bending strength of glass. Test with specimen supported at two points (four point bending) EN 1288-3
  • Security glazing. Testing and classification of resistance against bullet attack EN 1063
  • Security glazing. Testing and classification of resistance against explosion pressure EN 13541
  • Security glazing. Testing and classification of resistance against manual attack EN 356

Other tests for glass structures

  • Air borne sound insulation EN ISO 10140-2 and EN ISO 717-1
  • Air permeability, water tightness, resistance to wind load
  • Impact tests
  • Fire resistance tests