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Testing and inspection of plastic pipes

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​The manufacturers can ascertain the quality of their water and sewage pipe products by testing them according to product standards. The test results, together with 3rd party inspection services, can be used in acquiring type approvals or quality certificate such as Nordic Poly Mark.

During the product development phase the tests can be used to optimize the product design in such a way that the raw materials can be utilized up to their full technical and economic performance. Optimization serves also ecological objectives if the amount of waste material and waste production can be minimized.

Eurofins Expert Services performs all type approval tests and factory production control tests of plastic pipes and their installation parts required by quality control systems. Based on agreement we make factory production control inspection calls as a 3rd party. We also perform any other tests adapted to specifications by our customers.

Our testing services include

  • Liquid pressure tests (up to 400 mm pipe diameter, 20 – 95 oC temperature, 0 ... 75 bar over pressure) EN ISO 1167
  • Impact tests in various temperatures EN 1411
  • Tightness tests with water and air pressure EN 1053, EN 1054; EN 1277
  • Pipe dimension determination EN ISO 3126
  • Various loading tests of materials and products EN ISO 9967, EN ISO 9969
  • Temperature variation tests EN 887
  • Material tests EN ISO 178, EN ISO 179, EN ISO 527, EN 726

Our testing methods are accredited by FINAS (T001 Testing and I006 Inspection services) with few exceptions.
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Eurofins Expert Services has a long experience, adequate facilities for testing, and professional and capable experts for our services. Impartiality, independence and accreditation are main parts of our reliable and confidential way of operation.

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