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Fire Testing of Building Products

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Our services include determination of burning behavior and classification of building products. As our customer you can benefit from our services during the product development and market entry. We help you to plan the testing arrangements for determining the fire class of your product.

Burning behaviour of building products

With our test equipment's we measure the non-combustibility of the product, heat of combustion/calorific values, flame spread properties, heat release and smoke production, ignitability and forming of burning droplets/particles and building products propensity to undergo continuos smouldering.​

Fire classification for building products

Fire classification for building products is made according to classification standard EN 13501-1+A1. Classification for roof coverings is made according to EN 13501-5+A1. The test methods for classification and classification criteria are presented in the classification standards.

Our testing services

Test method which can be used in product development and in prediction of heat release and classification in SBI test:

Heat release and smoke production with cone calorimeter ISO 5660

CE marking for building products

Read more about our certification and product approval services for building products

Fire safety regulations in Finland

Regulations and guidelines concerning fire safety of buildings are shown in E1 the National Building Code of Finland, degree of the Ministry of the Environment on fire safety of buildings.

E1 the National Building Code of Finland (in Finnish)