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Fire Resistance Test Hall

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Fire resistance test ​The test hall for fire resistance includes two furnaces equipped with gas burners: a vertical furnace and a so-called horizontal combi-furnace.

The fire test laboratory was renovated in 2011 and two new fire resistance furnaces were erected. Our vertical furnace can be used for testing specimen sizes up to 5 m x 4 m (width x height).

The inside dimensions of the horizontal furnace are approximately 3 m x 5 m x 3 m (width x length x height). In addition to testing horizontal structures in the combi-furnace, it is also possible to test e.g. columns, stairs, cable ladders and different kinds of corner or joint structures.

Structures can also be built inside the furnace. Both furnaces can be run even with hydrocarbon curve. Structures can be tested loaded in both furnaces, too.

Test specimens can be safely viewed from the customer stand where measurements can be followed up from the on-line monitors.

We offer our customers a private area for installation work.

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