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Local application IMO MSC.1/Circ.1387

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We conduct fire tests according to International Maritime Organization (IMO) test methods. Our expertise, facilities and equipment fulfills the requirements set out in the IMO test procedures.

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In addition, we actively participate in the development work of IMO test methods to assure up to date services.

IMO MSC.1/Circ.1387 is in the scope of accreditation of Eurofins Expert Services.

Test method

The test procedure describes a fire test method for evaluating the effectiveness of fixed water-based local application fire fighting systems.

The test method is intended to evaluate

  • Maximum nozzle spacing
  • Minimum and maximum distance from the nozzle to the hazard
  • Minimum nozzle flow rate
  • Nozzle angle, if any
  • Minimum operating pressure

Essentially the test procedure consists of following items

  • Sufficiently large test enclosure with adequate natural or forced ventilation during the fire test (e.g. our large fire test hall)
  • Two different spray fire scenarios (nominal HRR 1 MW and 6 MW)
  • Ten fire tests in total
  • Fire load is light diesel oil
  • Acceptance criteria are based on extinguishment of test fires within 5 minutes of system activation