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Recreational Craft Directive

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​The first Recreational craft directive came in force 16.6.1996 with two years transition period. The directive is revised from time to time and now the third directive 2013/53/EU is in force.

The Recreational craft directive deals with the constructional safety of the boats. Shortly, the directive covers the products that the boat builder produces. Movable equipment and personal safety equipment are not included.

Constructional safety factors cover

• Strength of construction
• freeboard, stability and flotation
• arrangement and equipment
• installations
• manoeuvring

In addition, the directive has requirements for noise and exhaust emissions.

Over 70 standards assists the Recreational craft directive and in addition, the Recreational Craft Sectoral Group (RSG) has developed guidelines for the inspections. Eurofins Expert Services Oy as a Notified body uses these codes when surveying the boats.

The builder´s plate that is fixed on the boat has the CE-mark. With that marking and with the written declaration of conformity the boat builder confirms that the boat fulfills the requirements in the directive.

It is almost impossible for the boat buyer to determine the constructional safety level of a boat. The best way is to buy a boat that has been certified by a Notified body. Boat models that Eurofins Expert Services Oy has certified have a Eurofins certification plate fixed on the boat.