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Recreational Craft Directive

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​The EU Recreational Craft Directive (94/25/EC) came into force on 16 June 1996. The revised Recreational Craft Directive (2003/44/EC) came into force on 1 January 2005. The revised directive included, for instance, noise and exhaust emission requirements and personal watercraft.

​The directive sets requirements on the structural safety of boats and personal watercraft, and environmental considerations, helping to reduce the noise and emission impacts. Making sure that these requirements are met is the responsibility of the boat manufacturer.

The CE marking is an indication of the conformity of the boat

​As an indication of the boat meeting the requirements of the directive, the CE marking is affixed to the boat's builder's plate. With this marking and the Declaration of Conformity, the boat manufacturer declares that the product in question meets the requirements of the directive. The boat's owner is responsible for any obligations during the boat's use and movable safety equipment. The owner is aided in operating and maintaining the boat by the Owner's Manual delivered with the boat.

​​​As an accredited Notified Body (NB No. 0537), Eurofins Expert Services verifies the compliance of boats, boat equipment and production according to the requirements of the EU Recreational Craft Directive.

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​The Recreational Craft Directive will be revised

The new Recreational Craft Directive, 2013/53/EU, was issued on 18 January 2014. The directive was given a three-year transitional period, until 17 January 2017. This means that boat models and equipment that are still in production after that date must be updated to meet the requirements of the new directive. After 17 January 2017, boats meeting only the requirements of the old directive may no longer be manufactured for the market.

​​Monitoring of the Recreational Craft Directive

​The Recreational Craft Directive is under the purview of the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (TraFi) who also carries out the market surveillance.

It is in the interests of the boat manufacturers and buyers that the boats on the market meet the requirements of the directive. If they notice any defects, they should report the matter to TraFi. Notified Bodies do not carry out market monitoring. In order to investigate a possible deficiency, they may provide assistance during inspections, commissioned by the authorities.