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Concrete and concrete products

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Testing to bring out the properties of products

We help you to ensure the quality and commercial success of concrete and concrete products. Our test methodology is, in essence, accredited (Finnish Accreditation Service). We provide a wide range of services relating to CE-marking, product approval, certification and quality control.

The majority of our tests are carried out using accredited methodology. We test concrete for properties such as strength, airtightness and frost resistance.

Concrete testing

  • Compressive strength, tensile strength, flexural strength, breaking strength and bond strength
  • Water penetration depth
  • Frost resistance
  • Carbonation depth
  • Chloride content
  • Calibration of test cylinder moulds
  • Creep
  • Shrinkage
  • E-Modulus

Concrete product testing

  • Concrete paving products (paving stones and slabs, as well as kerbs)
  • Roof tiles
  • Concrete and lightweight concrete blocks
  • Precast concrete

Concrete structure testing

  • Core sampling of concrete structures
  • Concrete-to-concrete bond strength
  • Concrete floor wear resistance
  • Structural moisture

Masonry and plastering product testing

  • Bricks and blocks
  • Mortars and plasters
  • Tiling products
  • Frost resistance
  • Wear resistance