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Versatile Testing Environment

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We determine the strength and durability properties of products and their acoustical, aerodynamic, humidity and thermal properties in different circumstances during the expected product lifetime.

Environment tests can be used for modelling the longterm effects of temperature, humidity, ultraviolet radiation and mechanical wearing of a product, among other things. In fire testing, we assess reaction to fire properties, ignitability, resistance of flame propagation as well as heat and smoke production. 

Fire testing

Modern furnaces enable testing of both vertical and horizontal structures, loaded or unloaded. Our wide range of test equipment enables small scale fire testing of building, interior materials and textiles.

Air handling technology and acoustics

We determine the aerodynamic, thermal and acoustic performance of air handling equipment, as well as acoustic and vibration characteristics of building products and elements.

Testing of structures

We have, for instance, a stress bed and two structural loading frames with the capacities of 2 MN for static and 1 MN for dynamic tests. We test, for instance, mechanical strength and the effects of vibrations, shocks, stress and earthquakes.

Environmental testing of building products, materials and structures

We test the effects of different weather conditions (temperature and humidity), and also do corrosion and accelerated ageing test. We assess weather resistance, condensing sensitivity, risk of molding, waterproofness, thermal conductivity and dimensional stability.

Emission measurements

We have test chambers of different sizes, from 0,25 m³ - 4,5 m³. We do emission measurements for the M1 classification as well as sensory evaluations and field measurements.

Testing of plastic and sewage pipes

We test the tightness of joints, pressure resistance, impact resistance, ring stiffness and resistance to temperature variations. 

Testing of concrete and cement products

We do composition and structural analyses and test physical and thermal properties. We also assess resistance and the causes of damages.