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Testing of Plumbing Products

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We provide testing and inspection services for product approval and certification of plumbing products. The services are performed in accordance with relevant national type-approval guidelines and international standards.

Typical products that are tested are different types of taps, shut-off and check valves, pipe fittings, water traps and floor drains. We have been accredited by Finish accreditation FINAS for the testing and inspection methods.
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Our testing services include

  • Sanitary tapware
  • Plumbing fittings
  • Valves
  • Copper, PE, PEX and multilayer pipe fittings
  • Water traps
  • Floor drains

Brass parts for applicability in Finland

The testing of products and systems may comprise of flow and temperature measurements, testing of the mechanical properties such as pressure resistance, mechanical endurance, mechanical strength, as well as testing of the product functionality.

Our accredited test methods (Finas T001)

  • EN 200 Sanitary tapware. Single taps and combination taps for water supply systems of type 1 and type 2.
  • EN 817 Sanitary tapware. Mechanical mixing valves (PN 10).
  • EN 1111 Sanitary tapware. Thermostatic mixing valves (PN 10).
  • EN 15091 Sanitary tapware. Electronic opening and closing sanitary tapware
  • EN 3822-1, -2 and -4. Acoustics. Laboratory tests on noise emission from appliances and equipment used in water supply installations
  • EN 1213 Building valves. Copper alloy stopvalves for potable water supply in buildings. Tests and requirements
  • EN 1267 Industrial valves. Test of flow resistance using water as test fluid
  • EN 13959 Anti-pollution check valves. Tightness, flow and mechanical properties
  • EN ISO 3501. Plastic piping systems – Mechanical joints between fittings and pressure pipes – Test method for resistance to pull-out under constant longitudinal force (Replaced 27.4.2015 standard EN 12293 Plastics piping systems. Thermoplastics pipes and fittings for hot and cold water. Test method for the resistance of mounted assemblies to temperature cycling
  • EN 12294. Plastics piping systems. Systems for hot and cold water. Test method for leaktightness under vacuum
    EN 12295 Plastics piping systems. Thermoplastics pipes and associated fittings for hot and cold water. Test method for resistance of joints to pressure cycling
  • EN ISO 3503. Plastic piping systems – Mechanical joints between fittings and pressure pipes – Test method for leaktightness under internal pressure of assemblies subjected to bending. EN 715. Thermoplastic piping systems. End-load joints between small diameter pressure pipes and fittings. Test method for leak tightness under internal water pressure, including end thrust.
  • EN 1254-2 Copper and copper alloys. Plumbing fittings. Part 2: Fittings with compression ends for use with copper tubes. Test 5.5. tightness in pull-out loading.
  • EN ISO 6509. Corrosion of metals and alloys. Determination of dezincification resistance of copper alloys with zinc.
  • ISO 6957. Copper alloys -- Ammonia test for stress corrosion resistance
  • SFS-EN 1253-2 Gullies for buildings. Part 2: Roof drains and floor gullies without trap
  • SFS-EN 274-1, and -2. Waste fittings for sanitary appliances

We are a Notified Body (0809-CPR/D) for the following test methods

  • EN 12566-1/A1, EN 12566-2/A2 Small wastewater treatment systems for up to 50 PT 
    Part 1: Prefabricated septic tanks
    Part 3: Packaged and/or site assembled domestic wastewater treatment plants
    (Parts 1 and 2: water tightness and structural behaviour. Part 1: nominal capacity)
  • SFS-EN 12050 Parts 1-4 Wastewater lifting plants for buildings and sites
    Part 1: Lifting plants for wastewater containing faecal matter
    Part 2: Lifting plants for faecal-free wastewater
    Part 3: Lifting plants for limited applications
    Part 4: Non-return valves for faecal-free wastewater and wastewater containing faecal matter
  • EN 1825-1 Grease separators
    Part 1: Principles of design, performance and testing, marking and quality control
  • EN 442-1/A1 Radiators and convectors. Part 1: Technical specifications and requirements

Other test methods

  • SFS-EN 13618 Flexible hose assemblies in drinking water installations. Functional requirements and test methods
  • SFS-EN 12380 Air admittance valves for drainage systems. Requirements, tests methods and evaluation of conformity
  • SFS-EN 14428 Shower enclosures. Functional requirements and test methods
  • SFS-EN 14688 Sanitary appliances. Wash basins. Functional requirements and test methods
  • SFS-EN 997 WC pans and WC suites with integral trap
  • Nordtest Method NT VVS 120 Water closets: Flushing volumes less than 6
  • Nordtest Method NT VVS 129 Pipe in tube systems. Pipe in tube systems for fitness in use. The systems consist of an inner PEX pipe, an outer protection pipe, couplings, rubber seals, sleeves, wall boxes, other bushings and manifold cupboards
  • SFS-EN 12897 Water supply. Specification for indirectly heated unvented (closed) storage water heaters. Standing heat loss measurement, annex B.