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Work Boat Inspection Process

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The work boat inspection process typically includes the following steps

  1. Initial review, where the characteristics of the vessel are determined and decisions on the inspection's scope and procedures are made. At this point, a list of the required drawings and other information the manufacturer must provide is also prepared.

  2. We strive to inspect the boat's conformity based on the drawings and other information provided before the boat is built. Any deviations are reported to the manufacturer.

  3. During the building stage, we make up to three visits to the workshop depending on the vessel's size, technical nature and building schedule. During the first visit, we inspect the vessel's strength members, then comes an inspection of the installations and systems, and finally, we perform a test drive and an inclining test.

  4. After the inspections, we prepare an inspection report and deliver it to TraFi if the manufacturer is applying for a work boat approval. The application for work boat approval must be delivered to Eurofins so that it can be attached to the inspection report.

How can the manufacturer help make the inspection process smoother?

​The process is very interactive: it is important that the manufacturer has appointed a person for this task. We recommend that all parties familiarise themselves with the guidelines, at least with regard to the requirements concerning one's own area of responsibility, no later than during the design stage of the project.

We are happy to give advice on interpreting the Work Boat Guidelines and receive feedback related to the development of the guidelines.

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