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Tyre Testing

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​We test the properties and performance of tyres in a way that allows you to make them better and safer. Our testing will gain you complete confidence in your product properties.

Testing in Winter Conditions

  • Traction forces, on compacted snow and ice
  • Lateral forces, on compacted snow and ice
  • Braking on snow

​Testing in other seasons

  • Traction forces (field, sand, asphalt)
  • Brake tests
  • Vibration measurements, also ISO standard smooth and rough test tracks in Vihti
  • Fuel consumption measurements
  • Tailored tests

​Real benefits for your company

  • Reliable information to support your decision-making
  • Shorter road to market for your product
  • You develop products that are increasingly competitive
  • Even the most challenging of technical problems solved
  • Ensures your product’s quality and conformity with requirements​