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The popular 5000-euro innovation voucher of Tekes supports internationalisation

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Launched last year by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes), the innovation voucher with a value of EUR 5,000 supports the product development activities of SMEs aiming at internationalisation. The popularity of the innovation voucher has surpassed the expectations of Tekes many times over. Instead of the expected 500 applications, Tekes received over 2,000 innovation voucher applications in 2016.

You can use the innovation voucher to purchase new knowledge and competence for your company. You can use it to acquire expert services related to innovation activities. You can utilise the innovation voucher in purchasing testing, certification and expert services from VTT Expert Services.

The funding is meant for SMEs that do not have a current Tekes project and for which funding was not granted in 2015-2017.

On 16 January 2017, Tekes amended the conditions of the innovation voucher with the condition that the developed product or service must have international potential.

Examples of the use of the innovation voucher

  •  You have a new product, service idea or invention, and wish to rapidly determine its feasibility for further development, its usability or marketability with demos, prototypes and trials, for example.
  • You need an outside expert's statement, assessment and testing or measurement services.
  • You have a problem related to a product or a service and need assistance in resolving it.

How to apply for and use the innovation voucher

  1. Contact us and together we will examine the possibility of using the innovation voucher
  2. You will receive an offer of the services you need
  3. Fill in an application for the innovation voucher in Tekes e-Services
  4. Once your application has been approved, we can begin the agreed work
  5. Report to Tekes after the project has ended. You can submit the final report in Tekes e-Services.
  6. We will send the invoice directly to Tekes.
  7. Tekes will approve the invoice (requires that Tekes has approved the final report)