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Terms of use Sertifikaattihaku.fi

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Search engine description

The search engine makes certificates-based public information easily available via the online search engine. The service is at www.sertifikaattihaku.fi/en

Product certificates can be searched from the certificate database by means of the certificate number, name of manufacturer, product name, certificate type and search-facilitating search classification. For example, in the case of construction products, the Talo 2000 classification is used, and the user can search for all certificates granted by Eurofins Expert Services Ltd for windows by observing this classification in the database.

As a result, the search presents a list of currently valid certificates. Information on the certificate selected from the list with possible attached data can be examined separately. In searching for the certificate by number, the information concerning the certificate is presented, even if the certificate has ceased being valid.

In searching for person certificates, either names from the person certification areas or person certificate numbers can be used. It is also possible to further specify the search criteria for person certification in the search engine, whereupon a suitable person can also be searched on the basis of domain if the person has selected the additional service for him/herself.

By using the search engine, you can search for person certificates and the related information, which is:

  • the person's name
  • domicile
  • certificate number and competence area
  • the person's photo (if permission for this has been obtained from the person)
  • operating range
  • telephone number and email address (paid additional visibility)
  • link to the person's own home page or the company's home page (paid additional visibility)

Use of the search engine

The Sertifikaattihaku.fi search engine can be used without registration by going to www.sertifikaattihaku.fi or by transferring to the search engine via www.eurofins.fi. By transferring Sertifikaattihaku.fi to the search engine, you accept these terms of use.

The Sertifikaattihaku.fi search engine can be used only in accordance with these terms of use and possible other terms and/or instructions referenced there.

Eurofins Expert Services Oy reserves the right to delete, change or correct information, pictures, links or other materials in the Sertifikaattihaku.fi search engine if they are shown to be erroneous, if a third party presents demands concerning them, or in some other justified case. Information is also removed when the remittance of payments required to maintain it is neglected.

Eurofins Expert Services Ou has the right to deny user rights if these terms of use and/or other terms or instructions indicated in the terms of use are violated.

Use of cookies

We use the 'cookie' function on our website. A cookie is a small text file sent to the user's computer and stored there which enables the administrator of a website to recognize visitors who often visit its pages, facilitate the registration of such visitors on the website concerned, and enable the preparation of compound information on such visitors. By means of this feedback, we are able to continuously improve the content of our pages. Cookies do not cause damage to users' computers or files. We use them so that we are able to offer our customers individually tailored information and services.

If a visitor to our website does not wish us to receive the above-mentioned information by means of cookies, most browsers enable Internet users to disengage the cookie function. This occurs, e.g. by applying the Security feature found in the Tools menu on Internet Explorer via the Internet settings menu.

It is nevertheless advisable to take into account that cookies can be necessary for the appropriate operation of some of the pages that we maintain and the services we offer.

Rights to Sertifikaattihaku.fi search engine

The visual expression of the VTTcertifikcation.com search engine and materials published in the service represent property owned by Eurofins Expert Services Oy or its partners in terms of their trademarks, copyright and/or other intellectual rights.

Sertifikaattihaku.fi search engine materials can be browsed and copies taken of them by printing or downloading the data on a terminal device. The materials can, however, only be used for non-commercial and personal purposes. The use of the Sertifikaattihaku.fi search engine as well as the information, pictures and other material it offers as part of a customer's own services or for other commercial purposes without the written permission of Eurofins Expert Services Oy is prohibited.

Sertifikaattihaku.fi search engine maintenance​

Eurofins Expert Services Oy does not guarantee that the service is technically error-free or continuously available. Search engine maintenance is the responsibility of Eurofins Expert Services Oy. Possible fault reports can be reported to info.expertservices@eurofins.fi.

Amending terms of use and service

Eurofins Expert Services Oy has the right to unilaterally amend these terms of use. Changes are reported on the company's website or via the search engine. Eurofins Expert Services Oy shall also have the right to change the search engine and its content and features if it so wishes and/or terminate upkeep and provision of the search engine without separate notice or other measures.

Responsibilities and obligations

In publishing certificates in the search engine, Eurofins Expert Services Oy does not obligate itself to any sort of liability for personal or other damage caused by use of the service, using the product in accordance with the certificate, or by direct or indirect tasks performed by the holder of the person certificate.

User's obligations and liability

If the Sertifikaattihaku.fi search engine user violates these contractual and terms of use or copyright legislation, the subscriber shall be obligated to reimburse in full Eurofins Expert Services Oy for damage incurred by this.

Right to ownership and copyright

The right to ownership and copyright pertaining to certificates and other related services belong to Eurofins Expert Service Oy. The rights of a person certificate customer are exclusively limited to the person's own information and the maintenance of this information in the Omasertifikaatti.fi online service.

Copying of materials is permitted only within the scope permitted under the Finnish Copyright Act (Tekijänoikeuslaki) and for making a security copy. Retail selling of products and all commercial utilization are prohibited. The use of services, products and databases respective to Sertifikaattihaku.fi and Omasertifikaatti.fi for the production of new databases of other publications, or for other commercial utilization or transfer of material for similar purposes to a third party, is prohibited.

Transfer of Agreement

The Agreement with the customer concerning the Sertifikaattihaku.fi search engine must not be transferred to a third party without the written consent of Eurofins Expert Services Oy.

Resolution of disputes

Disputes between Sertifikaattihaku.fi search engine customer/subscriber /user and Eurofins Expert Services Oy shall be resolved in Espoo District Court in accordance with Finnish legislation.

Vendor data

Eurofins Expert Services Oy
P.O. Box 47
www.eurofins.fi/expertservices www.eurofins.fi/expertservices/en
Business ID FI22975132​​​