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Mechanical testing of lightway structures

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​Our testing facilities are well-suited for variety of large-scale structural tests. Our expertise covers various materials and structure types including metallic structures, fibre-reinforced composites, sandwich structures, concrete and wooden structures. In addition we have an extensive experience of on-site load measurements.

Our testing facilities

Eurofins Expert Services test laboratory is fully equipped for large scale structures testing. The test laboratory has a 500 m² strong floor system with configurable framing and support system. The floor includes an anchorage-point grid with movable hydraulic cylinders and support frames for various test configurations.

Features of our test laboratory

  • Full scale, assembly, component and sub-component testing
  • Servohydraulic loading cylinders from 1 kN up to 1000 kN for static or dynamic loading. Multiaxial loading is also possible
  • Loading frames with a capacity up to 2000 kN (static tests) and 1000 kN (dynamic tests and fatigue)
  • Versatile data acquisition systems for monitoring of load, displacement, strain, temperature etc. during the test
  • Large 450 kN- 2000 kN universal servo-hydraulic test machines for component testing
  • Extreme conditions applicable
  • Field measurements
  • Earth quake testing


  • On-site measurement of megawatt size wind turbine loads for type certification in collaboration with VTT Wind Power Technologies
  • Component level testing for aircraft industry for design and certification purposes
  • On- board structural measurements for a large cruise ferry
  • Full scale testing of kilowatt size wind turbine blades
  • Over 30 ft yacht full scale hull testing
  • Wind turbine blade lifting equipment test